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LiteTouch to Vantage

Your LiteTouch system has served you well over the years, but it just isn’t meant to last forever.

When Vantage product manager, Tim O’Loughlin, learned Savant would no longer be carrying the LiteTouch line, he sprung to action. Only weeks later, he had a finished product—the LiteTouch to Vantage Retrofit Insert. We’re not saying Tim is a genius, but he’s up there with Gates and Musk for sure.

When it comes time to upgrade, the LiteTouch to Vantage Retrofit Insert is ready to go. As Tim puts it, “just pull out the guts of your existing panel and pop ours right in!” You don’t have to look too far for continued support; Vantage is just a few short steps away.

Don’t be left in the dark! Read more about the LiteTouch to Vantage solution, click here!

For more information about how to become a Vantage dealer, email us at or call us at 801.229.2800.

Why Automate?

Your home is an extended part of your personality. Whether you’re organized or cluttered, an athlete or a film critic, in to tech or interior design, your home will reflect it. It’s the reason we feel “at home” when we’re home. So why not make the most of that experience?

With automation, you’ll have total control of your home’s systems from anywhere in the world and at the mere touch of a button. You’ll be able to turn the lights on and off from your vacation in Hawaii, disarm your alarm system for the pet sitter when you have to take an unexpected trip, turn the heat on a couple hours before you come home from work… the capabilities are practically endless.

Now is the time to transition to smart home technology! Visit to begin planning your project!

Your Restaurant with Vantage Control

You’re a restaurant owner; everyone knows you work hard to do what you do. You’re up early and home late. You spend a lot of your time managing your business for optimal success. With energy and gas prices on the rise, utilities are at the top of your list. So, why not let your automation system manage it for you?

In the morning, the system will automatically start cooling or heating the building and will automatically stop when optimal temperature has been reached. Lights will be turned off when the system senses there’s no one in the room. Your guests will be impressed with flicker-less dimming, and the life of your light bulb will be up to tripled with superior lighting control. You won’t have to touch a single button…unless you want to!

Our totally connected system will help you make time to manage what’s truly important as a restaurant owner.


Music With Equinox

Music, no matter what the type, is therapeutic for the listener. You turn to your music to let your mind escape its present state, to wander. You use it to help the adrenaline pump when you’re working out. You listen to music to calm yourself to sleep. Your music is important to you—it helps to identify who you are.

With Equinox, you can fill your house or workplace with your favorite sounds or you can concentrate it to only one room. It is quickly accessed from your in wall touchscreen, tablet, or smartphone, and is organized familiarly in one database. One touch of a button can fill your space with the sounds of your favorite band. Choose the song you want to hear, or let your favorite streaming service surprise you. Either way, we know how important your music is, so music with Equinox will always deliver the listening experience you deserve.

Home Theater with Equinox

A home theater is a great amenity, but it can be hard to manage. You have one remote to turn on the projector, one for your BluRay player, and one to dim the lights. Not to mention, remotes are easily lost, and you often end up spending time looking for them or getting up to manually turn on the projector or dim the lights. When you installed the theater room, you imagined a real theater experience—effortless like the one you have when you go to the actual theater.

Equinox manages creating this relaxing experience for you. With the Equinox app downloaded on your smartphone or tablet, you can control lights, projector, and BluRay player all from the comfort of your seat. Deciding what movie to watch will be your greatest obstacle; let your Equinox take care of the rest, and enjoy the relaxation of an effortless experience in the comfort of your own home.

Lighting with Equinox

As a highly developed society, we often take technology for granted. Take lighting for example, we have at our fingertips the ability to turn a dark room into one full of radiance. We can even adjust and rearrange our lights to portray more dramatic scenes or to highlight something in a room we want our visitors’ attention to be drawn to. Lighting plays an important, and sometimes unnoticed, role in our experiences.

However, setting your lights to portray certain scenes isn’t an easy task. Finding the perfect balance to highlight a masterpiece on display in the room can take a long time. And reconfiguring the lighting to set the perfect mood every time you throw a party shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. That’s why lighting with Equinox exists. Have your integrator set your lights so all you have to do is touch a button on your Equinox touchscreen and your house is instantly in party mode. It’s your choice what you want your lighting options to be.

Equinox touchscreens give you optimum convenience in lighting. The difference between complexity and simplicity is one button.

Climate and Weather with Equinox

It’s November, and temperatures are fading away. Soon there will be snow on the ground, and your time inside will be highly valued. Well, there’s nothing like a warm house with a glowing fire to help ward away the freezing cold.

With Vantage’s climate and weather widgets, your indoor environment can create the setting for an inviting holiday season. Use the weather widget to check outdoor conditions throughout the day. The background graphic will alert you to the conditions while the temperature is displayed prominently for your convenience. You’ll be able to welcome guests from the harsh outdoors into a perfectly regulated and inviting atmosphere.

While you’re preparing dinner, you take a quick look at your Equinox 41 and notice it’s begun to snow outside. Swipe to the right to your climate widget and adjust the indoor temperature to a more comfortable level. Then, swipe to your scenes widget and select your “entertain” scene. With the push of a single button, the indoor lights raise, your outdoor lights turn on, and the dining room and family room fireplaces are lit—your family and friends will come from the gloomy outdoors to a well-lit, warm atmosphere.

You’ve just changed the entire setting of your home from one interface, all without burning the turkey.

Camera and Security with Equinox

You set your alarm as you leave in the morning, but once you get to work remember your maid is coming to clean in the afternoon. Rather than taking an extended lunch to let her in or disclosing your security code, use your Equinox app to disarm the security system to allow her access. When you know she’s done, arm the house again, allowing your focus at work to remain on the task at hand.

As late afternoon rolls around, you notice some severe cloud coverage. Did you remember to close the upstairs library window? Rather than spending the rest of your work day worried about rain damage to your newly polished wood floors and extensive book collection, check the library camera from your phone. No need to unnecessarily call someone to your house to check.

At night, set the alarm from the comfort of your bed with the security widget, and when you need to take the dog out, arm and disarm it from your phone. Or check on him throughout the day with the camera widget.

Effortless and peace of mind should go hand-in-hand—Equinox gives you exactly what you deserve.

Pool & Spa with Equinox

Welcome to your pool and spa with Equinox. You have never experienced relaxation like this before.

On your phone, set the temperature of the pool in advance. When you’re ready for your swim, dive into a calming bliss and enjoy the euphoria of propelling your body through the temperate water. Feel the therapeutic nature of the water surrounding your body while your pent-up stress wilfully withdraws from you completely.

Halfway through, press one button to begin the spa’s preparation process. As your swim comes to an end, allow your mind to slip into a calming, meditative state. Enter the spa and forget the world entirely. As your body rids itself of toxins, your mind purges itself of negativity and revamps for the day. When you exit the spa, one button turns it off.

Shower and get ready for the day, and enjoy your rejuvenated state.

Equinox is here to help make your life effortless and your relaxation its number one priority.

Timers with Equinox

People’s lives change on a daily basis. What we do on Thursday afternoon is likely much different than our Saturday activities. And our routines even change from month to month. Tuesdays in August are different than those in December.

Programming a button to perform a function sounds great, but what if I need that button to do something different in the morning than I need it to do at night? Let’s face it, no one likes turning on blinding lights in the morning right after a peaceful night’s sleep. Or maybe I’ll sleep in, just this once?

With timers, Vantage has you covered. Your integrator can easily set up a timer for any or all of your day-to-day, week-to-week, or even year-to-year routines. Want your lights to automatically come on Tuesday nights while you’re out for game night? There’s a timer for that. Need the lights more dim in the morning than late at night? There’s a timer for that. Want your thermostat to automatically turn up in the winter months and down during the summer? There’s a timer for that. But if life throws something different at you—like it often does—then skip the timer, and move on.

Complication is no longer an issue with automation. Vantage has adapted to your needs the same way your Equinox will.