Why Every Office Should Have an “All Off” Button

You’re a good employee. You stay late often, keep your work environment clean, and work hard on a daily basis. You willingly go the extra mile in all your endeavors and care deeply about the environment. Regularly, when you leave your high-rise office building well after everyone else has gone home, you notice someone left his office light on. You hear that voice in your head telling you what’s best for the environment, but you’re so ready to go home. Trudging all the way back up to the 11th floor just to turn off one light is far from what you want to be doing, but you know it will help both the environment and the company. After doing this a number of times, the task is daunting.

What if there were a single button that could make your life easier? We’ve doubtless all dreamt of this before. A button we could push that would cut out the mundane, tedious tasks of the day graciously allowing us a few extra moments to enjoy our “me” time.

With a Vantage Automation System, this is not just a fantasy, it’s a reality. When you leave work in the evening and notice those few extra lights on, go ahead and push the “All Off” button, eliminating the need to trudge up the stairs to turn each one off manually. You’ll be able to guiltlessly leave the building when you try the first time, and you’ll be saving your company money and the planet’s resources as you go! When the janitor gets there later that night, an “All On” button makes his job all the easier. What if he’s only cleaning the first floor? Have your dealer program buttons that each perform specific functions so any combination is covered–the possibilities almost extend to infinity.

Once you begin your new life with a Vantage Automation System, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.