Pool & Spa with Equinox

Welcome to your pool and spa with Equinox. You have never experienced relaxation like this before.

On your phone, set the temperature of the pool in advance. When you’re ready for your swim, dive into a calming bliss and enjoy the euphoria of propelling your body through the temperate water. Feel the therapeutic nature of the water surrounding your body while your pent-up stress wilfully withdraws from you completely.

Halfway through, press one button to begin the spa’s preparation process. As your swim comes to an end, allow your mind to slip into a calming, meditative state. Enter the spa and forget the world entirely. As your body rids itself of toxins, your mind purges itself of negativity and revamps for the day. When you exit the spa, one button turns it off.

Shower and get ready for the day, and enjoy your rejuvenated state.

Equinox is here to help make your life effortless and your relaxation its number one priority.

Timers with Equinox

People’s lives change on a daily basis. What we do on Thursday afternoon is likely much different than our Saturday activities. And our routines even change from month to month. Tuesdays in August are different than those in December.

Programming a button to perform a function sounds great, but what if I need that button to do something different in the morning than I need it to do at night? Let’s face it, no one likes turning on blinding lights in the morning right after a peaceful night’s sleep. Or maybe I’ll sleep in, just this once?

With timers, Vantage has you covered. Your integrator can easily set up a timer for any or all of your day-to-day, week-to-week, or even year-to-year routines. Want your lights to automatically come on Tuesday nights while you’re out for game night? There’s a timer for that. Need the lights more dim in the morning than late at night? There’s a timer for that. Want your thermostat to automatically turn up in the winter months and down during the summer? There’s a timer for that. But if life throws something different at you—like it often does—then skip the timer, and move on.

Complication is no longer an issue with automation. Vantage has adapted to your needs the same way your Equinox will.

And Equinox was Born

In New York City, late at night, Jennifer woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. She decided to go into the kitchen to get a bottle of cold water and a small snack. When she reached for the keypad above her nightstand to turn the light on, she accidentally pushed the “panic” button. The lights flashed on and off and music started playing, and just as quickly, her husband shot out of bed. They fumbled to get everything turned back off, but this wasn’t the first time either of them had made that mistake.

Meanwhile, in Aspen, Chase was just getting out of bed in his hotel room. He was meeting some friends for a day on the slopes and had just enough time to get ready. His home not having an automation system, he was less than familiar with how they worked. The twenty extra minutes it took him to figure out how to turn everything on and then off again unfortunately made him late meeting his friends.

Regrettably, these types of issues occurred for automation users across the board—which is precisely why Vantage took the initiative to find out what they could do to solve the problem. After hiring a team to do ethnographic research and spending many man hours conceiving a new and better system, the Vantage team invented Equinox.

Just as the users requested, Equinox is a smart and simple system that the end user can play with. This is to say, instead of having a dealer come out to make changes to the system, the system allows the end user to make her own modifications. Now, Jennifer’s lights come on at 15% automatically when she waves her hand across her Equinox touchscreen during the night, because she’s created the programming to do so. She doesn’t have to worry about finding the right button to push to make her way to the kitchen. At the same time, the hotel staff has noticed a huge decline in the number of guests complaining about not knowing how to effectively use their room’s system. In fact, many guests let the hotel know how much fun they had using the familiar Equinox touchscreen.

Users of automation systems should be ready for the evolution that is beginning to take place. A new generation that puts total control in the hands of the user—the transition to the familiar and workable systems Vantage provides will totally change the idea of automation.