Camera and Security with Equinox

You set your alarm as you leave in the morning, but once you get to work remember your maid is coming to clean in the afternoon. Rather than taking an extended lunch to let her in or disclosing your security code, use your Equinox app to disarm the security system to allow her access. When you know she’s done, arm the house again, allowing your focus at work to remain on the task at hand.

As late afternoon rolls around, you notice some severe cloud coverage. Did you remember to close the upstairs library window? Rather than spending the rest of your work day worried about rain damage to your newly polished wood floors and extensive book collection, check the library camera from your phone. No need to unnecessarily call someone to your house to check.

At night, set the alarm from the comfort of your bed with the security widget, and when you need to take the dog out, arm and disarm it from your phone. Or check on him throughout the day with the camera widget.

Effortless and peace of mind should go hand-in-hand—Equinox gives you exactly what you deserve.