LiteTouch to Vantage

Your LiteTouch system has served you well over the years, but it just isn’t meant to last forever.

When Vantage product manager, Tim O’Loughlin, learned Savant would no longer be carrying the LiteTouch line, he sprung to action. Only weeks later, he had a finished product—the LiteTouch to Vantage Retrofit Insert. We’re not saying Tim is a genius, but he’s up there with Gates and Musk for sure.

When it comes time to upgrade, the LiteTouch to Vantage Retrofit Insert is ready to go. As Tim puts it, “just pull out the guts of your existing panel and pop ours right in!” You don’t have to look too far for continued support; Vantage is just a few short steps away.

Don’t be left in the dark! Read more about the LiteTouch to Vantage solution, click here!

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