Timers with Equinox

People’s lives change on a daily basis. What we do on Thursday afternoon is likely much different than our Saturday activities. And our routines even change from month to month. Tuesdays in August are different than those in December.

Programming a button to perform a function sounds great, but what if I need that button to do something different in the morning than I need it to do at night? Let’s face it, no one likes turning on blinding lights in the morning right after a peaceful night’s sleep. Or maybe I’ll sleep in, just this once?

With timers, Vantage has you covered. Your integrator can easily set up a timer for any or all of your day-to-day, week-to-week, or even year-to-year routines. Want your lights to automatically come on Tuesday nights while you’re out for game night? There’s a timer for that. Need the lights more dim in the morning than late at night? There’s a timer for that. Want your thermostat to automatically turn up in the winter months and down during the summer? There’s a timer for that. But if life throws something different at you—like it often does—then skip the timer, and move on.

Complication is no longer an issue with automation. Vantage has adapted to your needs the same way your Equinox will.

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