Pool & Spa with Equinox

Welcome to your pool and spa with Equinox. You have never experienced relaxation like this before.

On your phone, set the temperature of the pool in advance. When you’re ready for your swim, dive into a calming bliss and enjoy the euphoria of propelling your body through the temperate water. Feel the therapeutic nature of the water surrounding your body while your pent-up stress wilfully withdraws from you completely.

Halfway through, press one button to begin the spa’s preparation process. As your swim comes to an end, allow your mind to slip into a calming, meditative state. Enter the spa and forget the world entirely. As your body rids itself of toxins, your mind purges itself of negativity and revamps for the day. When you exit the spa, one button turns it off.

Shower and get ready for the day, and enjoy your rejuvenated state.

Equinox is here to help make your life effortless and your relaxation its number one priority.

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