Climate and Weather with Equinox

It’s November, and temperatures are fading away. Soon there will be snow on the ground, and your time inside will be highly valued. Well, there’s nothing like a warm house with a glowing fire to help ward away the freezing cold.

With Vantage’s climate and weather widgets, your indoor environment can create the setting for an inviting holiday season. Use the weather widget to check outdoor conditions throughout the day. The background graphic will alert you to the conditions while the temperature is displayed prominently for your convenience. You’ll be able to welcome guests from the harsh outdoors into a perfectly regulated and inviting atmosphere.

While you’re preparing dinner, you take a quick look at your Equinox 41 and notice it’s begun to snow outside. Swipe to the right to your climate widget and adjust the indoor temperature to a more comfortable level. Then, swipe to your scenes widget and select your “entertain” scene. With the push of a single button, the indoor lights raise, your outdoor lights turn on, and the dining room and family room fireplaces are lit—your family and friends will come from the gloomy outdoors to a well-lit, warm atmosphere.

You’ve just changed the entire setting of your home from one interface, all without burning the turkey.

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