Home Theater with Equinox

A home theater is a great amenity, but it can be hard to manage. You have one remote to turn on the projector, one for your BluRay player, and one to dim the lights. Not to mention, remotes are easily lost, and you often end up spending time looking for them or getting up to manually turn on the projector or dim the lights. When you installed the theater room, you imagined a real theater experience—effortless like the one you have when you go to the actual theater.

Equinox manages creating this relaxing experience for you. With the Equinox app downloaded on your smartphone or tablet, you can control lights, projector, and BluRay player all from the comfort of your seat. Deciding what movie to watch will be your greatest obstacle; let your Equinox take care of the rest, and enjoy the relaxation of an effortless experience in the comfort of your own home.

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